• What It Means to Have a Lender Who’s Got Your Back

    Sponsored Content March 29, 2021

    When you need financing, it’s important to find a lender you can trust. A working capital loan can provide you financial peace of mind and help you achieve your goals of enhancing your clinical skills and building practice success.

    Lenders like BHG prioritize the needs of endodontists, understand the challenges you’re facing, and can help you capitalize on the opportunities you’re pursuing. Whether you need business or personal loan solutions, how can you be sure that your financial partner has your back? Here’s what to look for:

    1. They listen to your needs and answer your questions.

    Taking out a loan is a major financial decision. If your lender doesn’t start the process by learning about your specific financial goals, there’s no way to know if you’re getting the solution you need. Lenders should also be forthcoming and transparent in answering any questions you have about their loan products and processes.

    1. They have experience serving customers like you.

    A lender who truly cares about helping you won’t waste your time. They should have a keen understanding of the value of your time as a dental professional, and the flexibility to work efficiently within the requirements of your schedule. Additionally, a lender who has served endodontic professionals can help you navigate the application process with ease, meaning a faster, hassle-free experience.

    1. Their products are designed to support your goals. 

    Endodontists seek financing for a variety of reasons, and a reputable lender will offer quality products to help you achieve your professional and personal financial goals. Working capital should improve and strengthen your financial position, and this is only possible if your loan is specifically designed to support you, not hinder you. Here are some key features to look for:

    • Longer loan terms:The longer you have to pay off your loan, the lower your monthly payment will be. This means more cash in your pocket at the end of each month, so that you can handle unexpected expenses, or cover other operational costs.
    • Higher loan amounts:Endodontists may need higher loan amounts to achieve their professional goals. You shouldn’t have to shop around to get the money you need; a reputable partner has the capital to fund you in one stop.
    • No personal collateral requirements: As an endodontist, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Your credibility and earning potential should count for something when you’re applying for a loan, which is why a quality lender won’t ask you to secure your loan with personal collateral.
    • No impact on personal credit:You shouldn’t be punished for working to improve your financial standing. A lender who’s looking out for you will do a soft credit pull instead of a hard one, meaning it won’t negatively impact your credit score to apply for a loan.
    • Fast approval and funding: You shouldn’t have to wait for your funding. Look for a lender who puts a premium on speed, so you can get approved–and your money–fast.

    From your first point of contact to funding and beyond, a lender who has your back prioritizes your needs at every step of the loan process. To learn more about BHG and how we’ve got AAE members’ backs with low monthly payments, get started on your application by visiting aae.bhgchoice.com.