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    Four Ways to Implement Automation into Your Healthcare Practice Management Software

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    By Ashley Jones, Global Payments Integrated When we discuss automation, or adopting new digital technology, sometimes practitioners think this means buying the latest and greatest devices; however, that’s not the only way to do so. A key area of focus when it comes to automation is at the point of payment. Why? In the healthcare space, the billing process is usually the first and last interaction a patient has with a provider. A negative experience could impact their bottom line. …Read More

    What It Means to Have a Lender Who’s Got Your Back

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    When you need financing, it’s important to find a lender you can trust. A working capital loan can provide you financial peace of mind and help you achieve your goals of enhancing your clinical skills and building practice success. Lenders like BHG prioritize the needs of endodontists, understand the challenges you’re facing, and can help you capitalize on the opportunities you’re pursuing. Whether you need business or personal loan solutions, how can you be sure that your financial partner has your back? Here’s what to look for: They listen …Read More

    The Guide To Disability Income Insurance for Endodontists

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    Insurance is intended to protect your assets. As an endodontist, your ability to earn income is typically one of your greatest assets. If you were injured in an accident or should suddenly fall ill, disability income insurance may help provide for you and your family during your time of recovery. 1: Benefits of Disability Income Insurance If you are involved in an accident and have disability income insurance, a portion of your income may be paid to you during the …Read More