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    Cynthia Goerig
    Chief Executive Officer
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    Debra Miller
    Director of Coaching
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    About Us

    Endo Mastery provides seminars for doctors and teams and professional practice coaching to help you grow and experience the best life possible. Co-founded and owned by Dr. Albert (Ace) Goerig, Endo Mastery has a team of educators and exclusively-endo coaches who know the ins and outs of every level of endodontic practice. We help practices grow and give doctors a path to the most fulfilling professional and personal life.

    Endo Mastery systems and strategies are based on Dr. Goerig’s experience in his own practice (in the top 1% nationwide) and coaching nearly 1000 other endodontists to higher levels of practice success while reducing stress and creating financial freedom. Our team can help you work less, earn more and love your practice and life.

    • Master clinical efficiency with high productivity
    • Optimize teamwork, eliminate drama and have fun
    • Create a schedule that drives growth without stress
    • Improve referral relationships with effective marketing
    • Pay off debt quickly and become financially free

    We take a comprehensive approach to your vision and goals, starting with how you want your life to be like and your personal and family goals. What are your financial stress points and your ideal financial vision? How much do you want to work? What level of success inside the practice would empower your ideal life outside the practice?

    Our approach is very personalized to you, coupled with coaching systems and strategies that align your team and practice to meet your goals. We focus on powerful results that have a life-changing impact, which is why our slogan is “Transform Your Practice, Transform Your Life!”

    Your team will love Endo Mastery too. We understand all the details they deal with every day and show them how to be more successful in their job roles, contribute to the practice’s growth, enjoy more responsibility and personal growth, and be recognized and rewarded for great success and growth in the practice. We are real humans who care about you, your team and your patients.


    Most doctors have questions: Is Endo Mastery right for my practice? What possibilities do I have for growth? How does the coaching program work with my team? The best way to find out more is with a free practice analysis. This one-on-one meeting shows you what we see in your practice opportunities and answers your questions on how you can begin your journey.

    Beyond that, our two-day doctor and team seminar, “Mastering the Effortless Endodontic Practice” is a great way to get everyone in your practice on-board with new possibilities and a vision for success, and to create a productive growth-focused environment free of drama and stress. We want your entire team to love every day they are at work while providing the best care possible to your patients.

    Our seminar is a great educational value and opportunity to learn from Dr. Goerig, the top endodontic productivity coach in the country. More importantly, it’s a great way to see our vision, values and experience in action. We are confident you will discover that Endo Mastery is a perfect fit to help you achieve your practice, financial and life goals.


    Ultimately, many doctors who have a practice analysis or attend a seminar continue on to direct practice coaching. Coaching you and your team is what we love to do, and you most likely have a colleague or a friend of a colleague who has benefited from the Endo Mastery coaching program. We consistently achieve results that exceed doctor’s expectations. Ask about our coaching results and you will be amazed! It is also why we can confidently offer a coaching guarantee that gives you a risk-free path to growth and success. Learn more during your free practice analysis.

    Coaching is a thorough and comprehensive process where we begin by understanding your practice in detail, including your team, scheduling, marketing, systems and economics. Doctors then have an in-depth “Freedom Summit” with Dr. Goerig to set the framework and priorities based on your goals. Then, we work hand-in-hand with your team to implement powerful, optimized systems and strategies that will drive efficiency and success like never before.

    Doctors who engage Endo Mastery experience huge benefits such as paying of all debt quickly, experiencing rapid economic growth, creating options for associate-based expansion if desired, and liberating their time to enjoy life at the highest level. We are endo-owned and exclusively endo, and we can guide you to a life of incredible abundance and freedom, powered by your practice operating with effortless efficiency and productivity.

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